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  • Tech firms to unveil AI innovations at MWC

Tech firms to unveil AI innovations at MWC

Also: Samsung’s New AI PC, Galaxy Book4 Series, Available Globally Beginning February 26


Today’s newsletter highlights several key developments in the AI sector. At the MWC event, tech giants like SK Telecom, KT Corp, and Samsung Electronics have unveiled their latest AI innovations, including Samsung's Galaxy Ring, a health tracker with new features aimed at enhancing user health insights. Meanwhile, Japan is utilizing AI to counteract its shrinking workforce, signaling a significant shift towards digital innovation with governmental backing to foster a conducive environment for AI adoption and foreign investment. Samsung's introduction of the Galaxy Book4 series globally emphasizes the trend of integrating AI to enhance productivity and security in computing devices. The AI chip market is undergoing a significant transformation, with a shift from training to inference, affecting major players like Nvidia amidst increasing competition. The political arena is also feeling the impact of AI, with advancements leading to ethical dilemmas surrounding deepfakes and the potential future of digital candidates. In corporate developments, Apple is testing an AI tool named "Ask" for enhancing AppleCare support, while the startup Figure AI is making strides in the field of humanoid robots, backed by notable tech leaders and companies, indicating a growing interest and investment in AI capabilities and applications across various sectors.

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At the MWC event, leading tech firms, including South Korea's SK Telecom, KT Corp, and Samsung Electronics, are showcasing their latest AI technologies and services. Highlights include Samsung's Galaxy Ring, a new health tracker in the form of a ring, and innovative health features like My Vitality Score and Booster Card. SK Telecom presents its vision for "Telco AI World" and highlights its collaboration with the Global Telco AI Alliance. KT Corp showcases next-generation network and AI technologies, emphasizing advancements in 5G, AI, and various tech solutions for future communications and security.

Japan is strategically leveraging AI and digital technology to address its shrinking workforce, driven by a declining birth rate and an ageing population. The focus is on fostering an environment conducive to digital innovation, which has led to a significant increase in the adoption of AI across various sectors, including healthcare. The Japanese government is actively supporting this transformation with initiatives aimed at attracting foreign investment and collaboration. Furthermore, Japan's leadership, in collaboration with G7 nations, aims to establish a common vision for the development of safe, secure, and trustworthy AI technologies.

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Book4 series, which includes the Ultra, Pro, and Pro 360 models, featuring enhanced performance and connectivity. The series, which saw high demand in Korea, integrates intelligent productivity tools and robust hardware, including the new Intel Core Ultra processor and a Samsung Knox security chip. With features like a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, Vision Booster, and seamless multi-device connectivity, the Galaxy Book4 series aims to enhance user productivity and creativity in a portable design.

The AI chip market is shifting focus from training to inference, impacting Nvidia's strategy. Nvidia, traditionally dominant in AI training chips, is adapting as inference becomes more critical due to growing generative AI applications. Competitors like Intel and AMD are positioning themselves in this changing landscape, highlighting the cost efficiency of their products. Startups and big tech companies are also entering the fray, developing specialized inference chips to meet evolving demands, challenging Nvidia's market dominance.

The advancement of AI technologies is increasingly blurring the lines between reality and fiction in political contexts. From recreating historical figures to generating deepfakes of current politicians, AI's impact on political discourse is profound. These developments raise significant ethical questions about the manipulation of public opinion and the integrity of elections, as well as the potential for AI-generated personas to run for public office, which, although currently implausible, reflects growing concerns around AI's role in society and governance.

🛠️ AI tools updates

Apple is internally testing an AI tool named "Ask" designed for AppleCare support, which generates responses to technical questions from an internal database. This tool differs from standard search tools by generating answers specific to the query details like device type or operating system. The "Ask" tool, intended to provide factual, traceable, and useful responses, marks a significant move towards integrating AI in customer support, reflecting Apple's ongoing commitment to AI and machine learning technologies.

💵 Venture Capital updates

Figure AI, a San Francisco-based startup founded by former Google engineers, is advancing in the AI robotics field, particularly with its development of autonomous humanoid robots. It has attracted significant investment from major tech figures and companies, aiming to deploy robots for complex, dangerous, or tedious tasks. The company, with a strong backing, including from Bezos and OpenAI, highlights the growing interest and competition in the AI robotics sector.

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