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  • OpenAI researchers warned board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster

OpenAI researchers warned board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster

Also: F1 to use AI to tackle track limit breaches in Abu Dhabi


In recent AI news, OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman faced temporary ouster due to concerns raised by staff researchers about a new AI model named Q*, indicating risks associated with advanced AI. In sports, Formula One adopts AI technology for monitoring track limits, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Unilever launches its first AI lab, focusing on data optimization and trend analysis, while ethical AI usage gains prominence, emphasizing fairness, transparency, and societal well-being. In media, the use of AI-generated images in stock photo databases raises concerns about misinformation. ByteDance introduces an AI assistant in its office tool, Feishu, reflecting a trend in workplace AI integration, and Adobe acquires AI startup Rephrase.ai, marking a significant move in AI-driven video creation technology.


  • ⚠️ OpenAI researchers warned board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster

  • 🏎️ F1 to use AI to tackle track limit breaches in Abu Dhabi

  • 📈 Unilever’s first AI lab will focus on forecasting, trends, insights

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OpenAI's recent upheaval, including CEO Sam Altman's temporary ouster, was significantly influenced by a letter from staff researchers to the board, warning of a potentially dangerous AI breakthrough. The letter, a factor among several grievances including concerns about the premature commercialization of AI, highlighted the capabilities and risks of a new AI model named Q* (Q-Star). Q*, seen as a step towards artificial general intelligence (AGI), demonstrated the ability to solve mathematical problems at a grade-school level, raising optimism about its future potential. The situation underscores ongoing debates about the risks of highly intelligent machines and the emergence of an "AI scientist" team at OpenAI, tasked with enhancing AI reasoning and scientific capabilities.

The Formula One governing body is implementing AI and 'Computer Vision' technology to address track limits breaches at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This initiative is a response to the increasing challenge of monitoring track limits. Previously, a team of eight people was assigned to assess track limits and monitor corner passes, with numerous reports sent to race control, leading to the deletion of laps. The new AI system aims to identify genuine breaches more accurately, reducing the workload for the FIA's remote operations center and speeding up response times. This technology utilizes shape analysis and pixel tracking to determine when a car crosses track boundaries.

Unilever has announced the opening of its first AI lab, the AI Horizon3 Lab, located in Toronto, Canada. This initiative marks a significant step in the company's investment in technology, specifically focusing on the application of AI for data optimization and insight generation. The lab will explore 15 main areas, with the initial focus on forecasting, modeling complex data relationships through graph technology, and generating insights into trends, patterns, and predictions. These efforts aim to create new concepts, designs, and projects that can be scaled and shared across Unilever's global business. The lab's mission includes leveraging AI to enhance productivity and efficiency in various domains, including customer service, marketing, supply chain, and logistics. One of the key focuses of the new lab will be graph database applications, designed to simplify and visually represent complex data, thereby aiding in the creation of recommendation engines and supporting collaborative and social applications by managing connections between consumers, products, and user interactions.

The CSIRO article on responsible AI emphasizes the importance of developing and using AI in ways that benefit society while minimizing risks and negative consequences. It outlines key principles such as ensuring AI systems contribute to human, societal, and environmental wellbeing; adhering to human-centered values and human rights; promoting fairness and inclusivity without discrimination; protecting privacy and security; ensuring reliability and safety; maintaining transparency and explainability; offering contestability to challenge AI outcomes; and ensuring accountability in all stages of AI development and deployment. These principles aim to guide the responsible use of AI, addressing concerns like bias and misinformation, and integrating ethical considerations into AI technology.

The article discusses how stock image sites like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock are increasingly mixing AI-created images with real ones. These AI-generated images, often photorealistic and depicting newsworthy events, are becoming hard to distinguish from actual photographs, thus blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Adobe Stock initially allowed AI-generated images but announced stricter policies to prevent misleading usage, such as prohibiting AI images that imply they depict real events and improving labeling practices. Shutterstock, in partnership with OpenAI, allows users to generate and upload images created with Dall-E. The proliferation of such images raises concerns about misinformation, especially as they can be used in blogs, marketing materials, and social media without proper labeling. The situation is complicated by the fact that some media organizations, facing budget constraints, might be tempted to use these cost-effective AI images, potentially leading to ethical issues and a dilution of journalistic integrity.

🛠️ AI tools updates

ByteDance has introduced an AI assistant, named Feishu Intelligent Buddy, to its office tool Feishu, joining the trend among tech giants like Tencent and Alibaba in incorporating AI into workplace tools. This generative AI bot is designed to assist users in creating emails, spreadsheets, and analyzing PDFs. The latest version, Feishu 7, integrates ChatGPT-like functions powered by various large language models (LLMs), aiming to make Chinese enterprises AI-ready and automate workplace tasks. LLMs, underpinning products like ChatGPT, have sparked a global AI arms race, with Chinese tech firms developing their own chatbots. Feishu Intelligent Buddy can summarize meetings, analyze content from documents and media files, and draft various work documents. Customers can choose from different LLMs for the assistant, including models from MiniMax, Zhipu AI, and Baichuan. Companies like Anker Innovations Technology and Yuanqi Senlin are already using Feishu Intelligent Buddy for efficiency in sales and marketing. This move by ByteDance reflects a broader trend where tech giants integrate AI into office software, with Microsoft integrating GPT-powered systems into its products, Tencent embedding its Hunyuan model into Tencent Docs and WeChat search, and Alibaba integrating its Tongyi Qianwen model into products like DingTalk.

💵 Venture Capital updates

Lightspeed Venture Partners and Silver Lake have exited their investment in Rephrase.ai, an India- and US-based AI startup specializing in generative AI technology for video creation, as part of its acquisition by Adobe Inc. Rephrase.ai, which was Adobe's first startup acquisition in India and its first in the generative AI sector, enables companies to create videos using generative AI. It was founded in 2019 by IIT alumni Ashray Malhotra, Nisheeth Lahoti, and Mangla, and uses deep learning to create digital avatars of actual humans for synthetic video content using only text as input. The company had raised $10.6 million in a Series A round led by Red Ventures, joined by Silver Lake and 8VC Ventures, following an earlier seed round of $1.5 million from Lightspeed and AV8 Ventures. As part of the acquisition deal, all investors of Rephrase.AI received a cash exit from Adobe, with the company's founders being paid in both cash and Adobe stock. The startup’s employees will join Adobe, integrating their expertise into the tech giant's operations.

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