OpenAI and Reddit Partnership

Also: Sony Music warns global tech and streamers over AI use of its artists

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In today's newsletter, we explore significant developments in AI, starting with a new partnership between OpenAI and Reddit designed to enhance user experiences through AI-driven innovations. We also cover a concerning deepfake scam in Hong Kong featuring Elon Musk, underscoring the rise in AI-related fraud. Sony Music is actively protecting its artists' rights by warning AI developers and streamers against unauthorized use of its content. Google's upcoming Gemini AI for schools promises enhanced privacy and data protection for educational users. Additionally, Strava introduces new features including AI tools, dark mode, and night heatmaps. In venture capital news, Artisan AI secures $7.3 million to advance autonomous AI employees, while AI startups are seeing dramatic valuation jumps, indicating renewed investor enthusiasm in the sector.

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  • 🤝 OpenAI and Reddit Partnership

  • ⚠️ Elon Musk deepfake crypto scam highlights risks to Hong Kong as AI-related fraud rises

  • ⛔️ Sony Music warns global tech and streamers over AI use of its artists

  • 🚌 Google’s Gemini AI plan for schools promises extra data protection and privacy

OpenAI and Reddit have announced a partnership aimed at enhancing the user experience on both platforms through AI. OpenAI will access Reddit’s Data API to integrate real-time, structured content into ChatGPT and other products, offering users enriched, up-to-date information from Reddit's vast community discussions. This collaboration will also enable Reddit to introduce AI-powered features to its users, leveraging OpenAI’s advanced AI models. Furthermore, OpenAI will become a Reddit advertising partner, strengthening the synergy between the two companies and enhancing their service offerings.

A recent deepfake scam featuring Elon Musk highlights the growing threat of AI-related fraud in Hong Kong. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has issued warnings about a fraudulent cryptocurrency trading platform called Quantum AI, which uses deepfakes of Musk to lure victims with promises of high returns. This incident underscores the increasing sophistication of digital fraud, with Hong Kong seeing a 3.8% rise in fintech fraud in the first quarter. Deepfake scams in Asia-Pacific surged by 1,530% last year, with Hong Kong being a significant target due to its high volume of digital financial transactions. The SFC is actively working to combat these scams by blocking access to fraudulent websites and issuing frequent warnings about suspicious virtual asset trading platforms.

Sony Music is taking action against the unauthorized use of its artists' content by AI developers and streaming services. The company has sent warning letters to over 700 AI developers, including major firms like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google, prohibiting the use of its music for training, development, or commercializing AI systems without consent. Sony Music has also requested streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple to implement measures to protect its music from being exploited by AI. This move highlights Sony's efforts to safeguard its artists' rights and seek fair compensation for the use of their work in AI technologies.

Google is set to introduce Gemini AI for educational institutions, emphasizing enhanced data protection and privacy. Available from May 23rd, Gemini AI will cater to educators and students over 18, ensuring that their data will not be used for AI training or shared with third parties. This initiative will be integrated into Google Workspace for Education at no additional cost. There will be two tiers: Gemini Education, with a monthly usage limit, and Education Premium, offering full access to Workspace AI tools and advanced features like AI-generated notes and summaries for Google Meet. Additionally, Chromebooks will receive new accessibility updates to support users with low vision.

🛠️ AI tools updates

Strava is set to introduce several new features this year, including AI-powered tools, a dark mode option, night heatmaps, and a family subscription plan. The dark mode will be available to both free and premium users, allowing them to choose between a permanent dark mode or syncing with their phone settings. AI enhancements will include the Athlete Intelligence Beta, which provides training data summaries using large language models, and AI-enabled Leaderboard Integrity to detect and correct suspicious activities. Night heatmaps will help athletes identify well-trafficked routes during nighttime hours, though additional safety details like lighting conditions are not included. The upcoming family subscription plan will offer a more affordable way for families to access premium features, with the service expected to launch in select markets this summer and globally by year-end.

💵 Venture Capital updates

Artisan AI, a UK-founded startup now based in San Francisco, has raised $7.3 million to develop autonomous AI employees and a unified platform aimed at replacing the entire SaaS stack for enterprise companies. The company, backed by Y Combinator, is led by CEO Jaspar Carmichael-Jack, CTO Dr. Rupert Dodkins, and CPO Samantha Stallings. Artisan AI's flagship product, Ava, launched in February 2023, automates 80% of a business development representative's tasks. The startup plans to introduce additional AI employees, including Liam for marketing and James for customer success, while advancing their AI agent autonomy from Level 2, which operates with minimal human oversight, to Level 3, where AI will manage complex decision-making processes. The ultimate goal is to achieve Level 5 autonomy, enabling AI employees to outperform humans in all associated skills.

The AI startup sector is experiencing significant valuation jumps, reminiscent of past investment booms. CoreWeave, an AI cloud infrastructure startup, recently secured a $1.1 billion round, tripling its valuation to $19 billion in just five months. Similarly, Mistral AI, a Paris-based competitor to OpenAI and Anthropic, is closing in on a $600 million round, raising its valuation from $2 billion to $6 billion since December. Elon Musk's AI startup, xAI, is reportedly near a $6 billion funding round, up from its initial $15 billion pre-money valuation target due to high investor interest. These rapid increases in valuations suggest a renewed fervor among investors, despite past lessons on the risks of overvaluation.

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