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  • NVIDIA GTC 2024 Keynote Highlights

NVIDIA GTC 2024 Keynote Highlights

Also: Project GR00T is a foundational model to enable humanoid robots


Welcome to a special edition of AI KATANA, your cutting-edge newsletter dedicated to the latest advancements in AI. In this issue, we'll be focusing on the groundbreaking announcements from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang's keynote at the GTC 2024 conference.

Huang unveiled the revolutionary Blackwell GPU architecture, designed to power the next generation of AI computing. With up to 30x faster inference for large language models, Blackwell is set to transform the AI landscape. We'll dive into the technical details of this new architecture and explore its potential impact across industries.

From the Grace Blackwell Superchip for optimized AI inference to the integration of NVIDIA Omniverse with the Apple Vision Pro headset, we'll cover the key highlights of the keynote. We'll also discuss Project GR00T, a foundational model for humanoid robots.

GTC 2024 sliced:

  • Huang unveiled the new NVIDIA Blackwell GPU architecture, which is designed to power the next era of AI computing. Blackwell delivers a massive performance boost over the previous generation Hopper architecture, with up to 30x faster inference for large language models.

  • The Blackwell GPU packs 208 billion transistors across two chips using an advanced TSMC 4NP process. It introduces a new way of connecting chips called NVLink to enable high-bandwidth communication between GPUs.

  • Huang announced the GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip, which combines two Blackwell B200 GPUs with an NVIDIA Grace CPU. This integrated CPU+GPU platform is optimized for AI inference workloads.

  • Major cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Oracle plan to adopt Blackwell-based products to power their AI infrastructure and services. Blackwell will be available through these partners later in 2024.

  • NVIDIA is bringing its Omniverse platform to the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, allowing developers to create advanced 3D experiences for the device.

  • Project GR00T was introduced as a foundational model to enable general-purpose humanoid robots. It combines natural language understanding with the ability to learn from observing human actions.

  • One of the most ambitious projects unveiled was NVIDIA's plan to create a digital twin of the entire planet. By virtually recreating Earth, NVIDIA aims to revolutionize weather forecasting and climate modeling.

  • Huang emphasized the rapid progress in generative AI and positioned Blackwell as the key enabling technology to make AI more accessible, efficient and transformative across every industry.

Watch the full keynote here: