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  • Meta says it will identify more AI-generated images ahead of upcoming elections

Meta says it will identify more AI-generated images ahead of upcoming elections

Also: Nvidia and Cisco partner on AI solutions for data centers


In today's roundup of key developments in AI and technology, Meta is advancing its fight against misinformation by planning to label AI-generated images across major platforms, including Google, OpenAI, and Adobe, to enhance transparency ahead of global elections. Meanwhile, Nvidia and Cisco are teaming up to offer AI solutions for data centers, combining advanced GPUs and networking for improved AI workload performance. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore introduces a new interdisciplinary degree program in AI and Society, aiming to address the ethical implications of AI and boost the digital technology workforce. Ikea experiments with an AI assistant for shopping and design inspiration, although with mixed results. Bumble launches an AI-powered Deception Detector to enhance user safety by reducing fake profiles. In venture capital news, Camb.Ai secures $4M in seed funding for its dubbing platform, promising to transform content accessibility, while Seattle-based startup Validated raises $1.2M for its AI-driven ad generation tool, aiming to refine marketing strategies and product insights.


  • ⚠️ Meta says it will identify more AI-generated images ahead of upcoming elections

  • 🦾 Nvidia and Cisco partner on AI solutions for data centers

  • 🎓 NTU offers new degree and scholar programmes in AI, plans to invest $4m to boost AI education

  • 🏚️ Ikea’s AI assistant gives design inspiration — at least it tries to

Meta is enhancing its efforts to combat misinformation and deepfakes in anticipation of global elections by extending its labeling of AI-generated images beyond its own platforms to include content from major tech entities like Google, OpenAI, and Adobe. This initiative includes developing tools for large-scale identification of AI-manipulated content on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, aiming for greater transparency through labeling in all available languages. The company acknowledges challenges in detecting and labeling more sophisticated forms of manipulated content, such as audio and video, and is working towards industry-wide standards for easier identification.

Nvidia and Cisco have formed a partnership to deliver cloud-based and on-premises AI infrastructure, networking, and software solutions for data centers. This collaboration integrates Nvidia's tensor core GPUs into Cisco's M7 generation of UCS servers, enhancing AI and data-intensive workload performance. The partnership also includes Cisco Validated Designs for AI inferencing and support for Cisco Networking Cloud, along with AI-driven insights from ThousandEyes and improved visibility from the Cisco Observability Platform. Enterprises will have access to Nvidia AI enterprise software for developing and deploying advanced AI workloads, aiming to transform businesses with generative AI technology.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore is introducing a new interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in AI and Society program to meet the growing manpower needs in the digital technology sector. This four-year degree program, starting in August 2024 with an initial cohort of 60 students, aims to equip students with mathematical and computational skills for developing AI solutions while emphasizing the ethical implications of AI, including issues of inequality, bias, and misinformation. The curriculum includes essential modules in AI ethics and society and offers electives from non-STEM schools within NTU. Graduates will be prepared for STEM careers, including as AI ethics and governance specialists. Additionally, NTU is launching a Turing AI Scholars Programme to foster AI talent and plans to invest $4 million in AI education and research while increasing its computer science faculty.

Ikea's AI assistant, designed to reduce the stress of shopping and planning, offers product information and visualizations but has limitations. The assistant, part of Ikea's exploration into AI, sometimes directs users to Ikea's website rather than providing direct answers or design inspiration. It can generate images of how products might look in a user's space, yet struggles with real-time inventory checks, occasionally providing inaccurate stock information. While it shows potential in aiding overwhelmed shoppers in-store, browsing Ikea's website directly often proves more efficient for design inspiration and product research.

🛠️ AI tools updates

Bumble introduced the AI-powered Deception Detector to combat fake profiles and scams, significantly improving user safety and authenticity on its platforms. This tool, launched in response to user concerns about online scams and fake profiles, uses machine learning to verify profile authenticity, resulting in a 45% reduction in user reports of deceptive accounts within two months of its implementation. This innovation is part of Bumble's broader commitment to creating a safe, empowering online community, aligning with its mission to foster equitable relationships and empower women to make the first move.

💵 Venture Capital updates

Camb.Ai, a UAE-based startup, secured $4M in seed funding for its dubbing platform that instantaneously translates performances into over 100 languages, dialects, and accents. The technology, used notably at the 2024 Australian Open and in the horror film "Three," aims to maintain the original tone and nuance of speakers. With over 100 million views of its dubbed content, Camb.Ai plans to use the funding for further development and global expansion, highlighting the technology's potential to revolutionize content accessibility and global audience engagement.

Validated, a Seattle startup, raised $1.2 million in a pre-seed round led by Silicon Valley firm Neo, with participation from angel investors. Founded last year, the company provides an AI-powered digital ad generator to help businesses understand which product features and messages resonate with customers and identify interested demographics. Validated simulates product presence through hundreds of ads across several axes to observe performance, already securing several paying customers. Co-founder Rahul Bhardwaj, previously with Amazon's Prime Air and Meta, and co-founder Zean Tsoi, a former engineering manager at Reddit, lead the company with less than five employees.

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