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  • AI's role as fashion design assistant

AI's role as fashion design assistant

Also: AI in dance music: What do DJs and producers think of it?


In this issue, we delve into intriguing developments from the realms of fashion, health, music, religion, and more. In the fashion industry, the AI-assisted collection by designer Matilde Mariano at AI Fashion Week demonstrates the potential of AI and the necessity to tread carefully with new technology. In the health sector, a groundbreaking study from CSIRO shows how AI can improve digital health program engagement by predicting user dropout. Meanwhile, opinions diverge as DJs and producers contemplate the growing influence of AI in dance music. In the sphere of religion, digital theology grapples with the implications of AI for religious understanding and practice. We'll also look at exciting updates from AI tools and venture capital news, including the anticipation of Wix's AI Site Generator and a funding boost for AI defence platform, Comand AI. As always, we appreciate your continued interest and invite you to share your thoughts on these developments.


  • 👗 AI's role as fashion design assistant

  • 🏥 CSIRO's AI Breakthrough: Predicting and Preventing Dropout in Digital Health Programs

  • 🎶 AI in dance music: What do DJs and producers think of it?

  • ✝️ The religious mystery of AI

AI Fashion Week is an innovative event that showcases the intersection of artificial intelligence and fashion. Supported by the online retailer, Revolve, the event encourages designers to experiment with AI and push the boundaries of traditional fashion norms and design processes. An important part of this event includes the use of AI image generators to create novel designs. For example, in one notable collection, designer Matilde Mariano employed Midjourney, a popular AI image generator, to produce a completely AI-assisted fashion collection. However, while AI Fashion Week highlights the immense potential of integrating AI into the fashion industry, it also underscores the need for careful navigation due to challenges like data leaks and understanding AI's capabilities and limitations.

A groundbreaking study by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, leverages AI to enhance the efficacy of digital health programs. Published in The Journal of Medical Internet Research, the research used a unique AI algorithm to predict disengagement from online weight loss programs. Studying over 59,000 participants from CSIRO’s Total Wellbeing Diet program, it demonstrated that from the third week, machine learning could accurately anticipate user dropout. Such information enables health interventions to be more personalised and supportive, thus offering users a higher chance of long-term lifestyle changes. The findings are particularly critical given the surge in digital health initiatives to combat rising obesity levels and associated health risks in Australia.

The rise of AI in the dance music industry sparks various opinions among DJs and producers. Traditional DJs like Nooriyah maintain that AI cannot replace the genuine connection between the DJ and the audience. Younger, up-and-coming DJs like Hannah Rose worry about the financial implications of AI, seeing the potential for AI to replace virtual sets as nightclubs cut budgets. From the producers' perspective, AI's involvement is seen as inevitable and potentially threatening. Nooriyah notes that AI is already being used in the mastering stage of track production and could replace human producers. Phil Kear from the Music Union highlights that AI-produced music could become more prevalent in the "background" music industry due to its lower cost. All agree that the extent of AI's influence will ultimately depend on public acceptance and the quality of music it can produce.

AI's burgeoning role in religious life, coupled with religion's potential to shape the perception of AI, reveals a complex interchange where digital theology wrestles with concepts of personhood and AI. The emergence of AI technologies like "BibleGPTs", large language models designed to navigate users through religious texts, is posited by digital theologian Adam Graber to bring transformative changes akin to those brought by the printing press. AI, by producing average interpretations of human knowledge, may challenge the individualized teachings of religious texts and amplify the loudest religious traditions. The language of religion is increasingly used in secular discourse around AI development, often to address the mysterious or misunderstood aspects of AI, such as sentience and consciousness, creating a quasi-religious perspective on AI.

🛠️ AI tools updates

Wix is developing an AI Site Generator that uses the capabilities of ChatGPT and Wix's proprietary AI to create a unique website tailored to user-specific needs from a simple prompt. The new tool will be integrated with Wix's various business applications such as Stores, Bookings, Restaurants, etc., ensuring a complete website including images, text, and business solutions. It also allows users to easily modify the generated site via prompts, eliminating the need for individual coding. The launch date for the tool is undisclosed but is expected soon. Additionally, Wix currently offers a range of AI tools like an AI Text Creator, AI Image Creator, AI Domain Creator, and Auto Background Removal.

💵 Venture Capital updates

Comand AI, an AI platform designed to enhance the command and control of military operations, has raised €3 million in funding from investors including Frst, Kima, Tiny VC, and several Business Angels. Comand AI was founded by Loïc Mougeolle, an HEC Paris graduate and defence expert, and Antoine Chassang, a CentraleSupelec graduate with a background in AI and previous experience at Snapchat. The company aims to equip the NATO armed forces with a next-generation strategic advantage, producing relevant battle plans in minutes rather than hours or days. The funds will be used to build a team of 15 individuals, primarily experts in AI and software development, and experts from the defence sector.

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