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  • AI Search Startup Perplexity Set to Double Valuation to $1 Billion

AI Search Startup Perplexity Set to Double Valuation to $1 Billion

Also: Citi offering $300k salaries for new Generative AI team in New York


In today's AI landscape, AI startups and initiatives are capturing significant attention and investment. Perplexity, an AI search company, is on the brink of reaching a $1 billion valuation, a testament to the growing interest in alternative search solutions and AI's broadening appeal. Concurrently, Citi is aggressively entering the AI space, offering substantial salaries for key roles within its new Generative AI team, underscoring the finance sector's embrace of advanced technology. Amid these industry shifts, the dialogue around AI regulation intensifies, with calls for a balanced, safety-conscious American framework that encourages innovation while maintaining competitive and democratic values. Meanwhile, Google is revising its strategies to combat the surge in AI-generated search spam, aiming to enhance the quality of online content. In travel, Kayak introduces novel AI features to revolutionize how consumers plan and confirm their trips, illustrating AI's impact beyond traditional sectors. In the realm of healthcare, Overjet's recent fundraising highlights the increasing investment in specialized AI applications, promising significant advancements in dental care efficiency and diagnosis. These developments signal a dynamic period in AI's integration across various domains, reflecting its evolving role and the corresponding market and regulatory challenges.


  • 📈 AI Search Startup Perplexity Set to Double Valuation to $1 Billion

  • 💰 Citi offering $300k salaries for new Generative AI team in New York

  • ⚖️ What an American Approach to AI Regulation Should Look Like

  • 🤖 Google now wants to limit the AI-powered search spam it helped create

Perplexity, an AI search startup, is nearing a funding deal expected to double its valuation to $1 billion, showcasing significant venture capitalist interest. The startup offers direct answers to search queries, challenging traditional search models and showing rapid growth with substantial user engagement. This success reflects wider enthusiasm for AI, with Perplexity's recent achievements marking a significant moment in the competitive landscape against dominant players like Google.

Citi is setting up a new Generative AI team in New York, seeking foundational members to build a Generative AI platform. Positions include VP, SVP, and Director roles with salaries up to $300k, not including bonuses. This move highlights Citi's integration of AI into finance, promoting hands-on coding skills in Python, Java, and Go, and reflects the industry's growing demand for AI expertise.

The discussion advocates for a balanced American approach to AI regulation that fosters innovation while ensuring public safety, distinguishing itself from more restrictive models seen in the EU and China. It calls for a principles-based framework, underlining the need for safety, competitive markets, and adherence to democratic principles. The urgency for bipartisan backing and international collaboration, particularly with China, is highlighted to effectively address the multifaceted challenges of AI's rapid evolution.

Google is tackling the challenge of AI-generated search spam, which has proliferated since the advent of ChatGPT-like technologies. Acknowledging its role in this trend, Google announced updates to its ranking algorithms aimed at reducing low-quality, spammy content. This March 2024 update is expected to decrease such content in search results significantly, reflecting Google's shift towards prioritizing genuine, user-focused content while addressing the sophisticated landscape of automated content creation.

🛠️ AI tools updates

Kayak is enhancing user experience through new AI capabilities, allowing travelers to confirm flight prices with just a screenshot and providing customized advice via an AI-driven chatbot. These advancements are part of Kayak's broader strategy to streamline travel planning and offer more personalized services, leveraging AI to simplify the process of finding and booking flights, thereby addressing the evolving needs and preferences of modern travelers.

💵 Venture Capital updates

Overjet, an AI platform focused on dentistry, has raised $53.2 million in a Series C funding round, marking the largest investment in the dental AI field to date. Founded by PhDs from MIT and Harvard, Overjet aims to improve dental care efficiency and diagnosis accuracy, already serving thousands of dentists and insurance companies. The platform has amassed a total of $133 million in funding, bringing its valuation to approximately $550 million.

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